What I’m Drinking – October 2019

Early Bird PHX

Cold Brew: This summer, I craved something more than my regular hot, black coffee. When the Phoenix heat is steadily above 105, it’s tough to resist an icy cold brew, and it’s damn near impossible to turn down nitro cold brew on tap. And even though it’s October and it’s not so hot anymore, I’ve still been indulging in my “summer drink:” cold brew with cream, definitely nitro when available.

We have a creamery here in AZ called Danzeisen Dairy. They’ve been making fantastic milk products as well as lemonade and orange juice just 10 miles from Phoenix for over 50 years. (They even bottle in beautiful glass bottles just like the old days!) One of my favorite things they make is their naturally flavored root beer milk that tastes JUST LIKE the end of a root beer float. Dropping a bit of that into cold brew coffee was a popular treat on hot summer afternoons at the Early Bird PHX. It’s just as irresistible whenever you’re craving a float — triple-digit weather or not.

The Cactus Wren: If I wasn’t obsessed with Danzeisen enough, let me tell you about their lemonade and orange juice, which I consume daily. One of my all-time favorite beverages is an Arnold Palmer, absolutely delicious when made with this local lemonade. To switch it up a bit, I’ve been pairing the lemonade with a tropical herbal tea from Maya Tea Company, out of Tucson, AZ, and then decided to get wild adding a splash of O.J. The citrus adds a refreshing finish that makes this classic drink even more tempting.

Night Owl PHX

Spotted Cow (New Glarus Brewing, WI) – It’s no secret that Wisconsin produces good beer, and one great example is Spotted Cow. People can’t stop talking about how much they love this beer. Spotted Cow is a “farmhouse ale that is prized and praised by Wisconsinites. It’s a local phenomenon with more than 12 million pints consumed annually.” Basically, it’s tasty as f*ck, but sadly, it is not distributed out to AZ. David, originally from Milwaukee, visited family this summer and got to drink a *few* Spotted Cows. Luckily for both of us, he also packed a couple of six-packs to bring home for sharing. Moral of the story, if you’re ever somewhere that carries Spotted Cow, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Grifone Sangiovese 2016 (Trader Joe’s) – Who doesn’t love scoring a good, cheap wine at the grocery store? Trader Joe’s is a weekly stop of ours, and we love the selection of wine they offer! From $3 to $30+ bottles, there is a wide range of varieties and prices to choose from. Grifone starts with not-too-sweet berry notes, subtle pepper and spice; it seems to pair with just about any meal. It tastes like a classic Italian red, and if you’d prefer to drink it without food, it’s smooth enough to do so. Best part? It costs $4. Winner winner, wine with dinner.

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